Relaxing and healing this is: just to be

And so many creative impulses turn up from within.

Either on your very own 

or in circles and concerts.


My paintings are searching a new home,

either in exhibitions in public rooms or 

with the final costumers.


To surrender to the artistic process

and all what comes up on that way

is what I am doing in painting and making music.


Between the land of inspiration and the rawness 

of the material I create a connection. 

But most of all to my inner world.


We as human beings

have strong wonderful inner worlds

which we should honour much more.


For me arts can be a prayer

to the essence of life and in this

to accept all the ups and downs in the process.  


When encountering emotions and feelings they

have the chance to change into

efficient strength, depth and integrity.


Heartful feeling makes me connect

deeper with the inner realms,

getting to know their secrets,

but also let me use a new mindset.

A mindset of abundance, purity and self trust

rooted in our divine existence.


A process of transformation

through arts.


In love

Tara Margrit Scheele






Some voices:


"Absolutely enchanting pics with musical soul."


"...magical, this density of energy."


"Beautfiful expressive paints with depth."


"In your pictures I feel a sense of existence, the voice of being."




Thank you for your trust and understanding.


Love & gratitude for sharing the gifts,

Tara Margrít Scheele