Since only two years I have been selling my arts.

The same with pictures I make according to wishes and

requirements of the beautiful people I meet. These paintings then might so-called 'personalized soularts'. 

I also love to exhibit single pieces of my work in public space.

Womb - 50x70cm 

Öl, Blattgold auf Leinwand, gerahmt

Januar 2021

570 €


Only when the soil has been nurtured

and the space cleaned, the germ is able to unfold.

Setting healthy boundaries,

in order to grow into a new clarity.

Holding space for a save growth and prospering. 



The fire drum - 50x70cm

Öl, goldleaf on canvas

december 2020/ january 2021

555 €


 A changing world. New inner doors are opening,

in order to reveal new treasures.

New space for the truthful things.

The fire drum evokes a warm rhythm inside the earth.



Embedded - 50x60 cm

oil, acryl, ashes. applications on canvas

October 2019

550 €



There she stands in simplicity, connected with the birches around her.

She is the guardian of the forest's silence. 



Soulflame - 80x50 cm

oil, goldleaf, ash on canvas 

July-December 2020

-for sale in Glastonbury, UK, Goddess house-


A beautiful female sitting in stillness & peace

in her glowing womb - and earth connection.

A bird sitting on her shoulder

as she is listening to her inner voice

and intuition. Her soul flame arises.



She is a goddess of fertility, wisdom, magic,

 transformation, beauty, artistic inspiration and poetry.



Gathering of earth and water - 50x60cm

acryl, oil, black grout, gold leaf, application on canvas

november 2020 - july 2021

550 €


The raw and grey survace has certain glow and a mandala shaped dance. 

The element earth is opposed to water vibrating in a spiral movement.

In the middle some core energy, stable and tight with a metal ring.



The morning of a new birth - 50x50 cm

Öl, Acryl, ashes, feathers, leaf gold


650 €


When the morning is still young and the sun is not born yet

then spirit is so clear and the strongest insights might appear.

The blue colour stems from the night and is one with the hair of this allegorical figure.

Already colours of the new day are showing up.

Still the view is directed into the very inside.  

 Day starts there and only when I get a deep sense of my vision 

I open my eyes for what is to come.  


Ocean Spiral - 50x70 cm

Oil colour, leaf gold, application on canvas

October/ November 2020

550 €


A silent drawing on the sea ground. 

Stones, membranes, initial beings

spiralling through the waters to mineralize it.

Here and there lavastone and gold.

Treasures of the earth on the deeptest ground

Richness of the waters also home in the human body.

Our bodies contain

as many minerals as the salt of the sea

We are water and we need minerals as much as the earth.

We are earth & water.

Dreams  -  50x70cm

acryl, ash, red soil, oil on canvas, without frame

September/Oktober 2020

550 €


'Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die

life is a broken winged bird

that cannot fly'

Langston Hughes, American poet




Your personalized picture

I paint you a picture with your colours and vital qualities that will serve you in this moment of your life. 

If wished - I also compose a song or improvisation within that process of painting.

Before we can find a deeper sense in a chat with the two of us.

I look forward to hear from you!